Vapecige BIGGER DNA 200

Vapecige BIGGER DNA 200

In a world where everything technological is getting smaller, Vapecige introduces something bigger with the Vapecige BIGGER DNA 200. When you see that word “DNA,” you know one thing for sure: that your mod is powered by an Evolv chipset. As far as the title goes, BIGGER is an apt name for this square, wide, but strangely narrow box.

Evolv DNA 200

This is the most powerful Evolv chipset to date, although it could be surpassed at any time by the American company known for their safety features and vaping customization capacity. An OLED screen lets you view functional choices (temperature control or variable watt vaping) and also displays warnings or alerts. It’s clear and clean; easy to read. The chipset protects vapers from overheating, overcharging, low voltage, and more.

The Vapecig BIGGER DNA 200

So now you know a few things about the DNA 200 by Evolv, which gives you a little insight into the Vapecige BIGGER DNA 200 too. Adjust power to as much as 200 watts and down to as little as 1 watt, although you are not going to buy a 200-watt box mod in order to run it so low.

That’s a safety feature allowing your device to stay cool. The screen is quite large at just under 1 inch oriented vertically to the left side, front facing. This display indicates several values: those watts from 1W to 200W, temperature from 100C to 300C or 200F to 600F, voltage when you are in VW mode (Watts and Temperature during TC usage), and the resistance of your coil.

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Checking Resistance

Here is another aspect to the Evolv DNA 200 Chip: it can tell what sort of coil you are using and its resistance. Early mods only offered Variable Wattage, so it didn’t matter what coil material was used, just ohms. Now, with a TC mod like the Vapecige BIGGER, your chip detects whether you are using Kanthal or Nickel 200, the latter being higher quality metal developed for this sort of purpose.

If vapers choose Kanthal wire, their mod only permits the vaper to adjust wattage and will automatically monitor for overheating. When you apply a Nickel 200 or Titanium coil, it is possible to switch into TC function. With Kanthal wire, the Vapecige BIGGER lets you build or install coils with resistance as low as 0.2 ohms. In temperature control mode your lowest resistance is 0.1 ohms.

Special Body

VapeCige Bigger DNA200 Black

Rubber paint provides a special sort of texture you do not usually get with anodized and brushed metals. The black, red, or blue BIGGER by Vapecige feels more comfortable as a result. When a vaper is gripping a device for several hours off and on all day, this is a lot easier on his hand.

The back cover is magnetically attached to hold three removable batteries in place. It comes off with a tug but remains in place reliably the rest of the time. Although a tiny USB outlet sits below adjustment buttons and your screen, the makers advise using this to upgrade Evolv’s firmware at a later date, not for charging batteries.

Lockable Device

If you want to turn your mod off or lock it into a specific mode, there are instructions for doing that. It is only a matter of pressing the power button so many times rapidly. You can also vape stealthily, your screen turned off but still working when you need it.

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