• The Kanger Subtank Mini Sub Ohm Tank

    A Kangertech Subtank is available in multiple sizes: a Subtank Nano holds 3 ml of e liquid and the Kanger Subtank Plus holds a whopping 7 ml.

    The Kanger Subtank Mini has a 4.5 ml capacity, so it is a middle option for moderate people who want enough room for e juice to last a considerable time but not a system so big it needs its own zip code.

    The Kangertech Subtank Mini 4.5-ml Tank

    Kangertech Subtank Mini Tank

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    Kanger’s medium-sized Subtank is advertised as smaller than an Aspire Atlantis but with more room for juice, which is yet another advantage of striking middle ground. Elect to install pre-built coils (1.2 or 0.5 ohms) or rebuild the tank with an RBA deck so you can build your own coils. Inside, you find square Japanese Organic Cotton Coils which are supposed to last a long time while also creating clean vapor. The fact that your tank is made from glass helps enormously by not releasing fumes under high-watt conditions.

    New Airflow Control

    Kanger upgraded their airflow control valve to be easier to use with smaller holes and two channels. Their aim is to allow you to totally control airflow, even cutting it off entirely if you want a tight draw. Hardware (top and bottom caps plus this valve) have been constructed from 304 stainless steel which is hard-wearing and clean.

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    Other Features

    This is a 22-mm tank: the sort with a profile to fit most mods such as narrow iStick devices, a Mini Book, or the Cool Fire IV. A 510 threading connector is designed in such a way as to flexibly accommodate loads of models as long as they are 510 threaded also.

    Subtank Mini Kit

    The RBA is insulated with PEEK material to maintain high temperatures safely. Now that TC mods are all the rage, Kanger is manufacturing coils made from Nickel 200 which are compatible with the Subtank Mini.

    Mini Starter Kit

    The Kanger TopBox Mini Starter Kit features a Mini tank and also the TopBox vape mod. The tank is essentially a top-filling version of the Subtank Mini.

    TOPBOX Mini Starter Kit

    Colors are platinum, black, and white. Most of them contain black O-rings rather than clear ones (the typical style), but the black model contains red O-rings. A number of Minis are also sold separately in colors like blue and white.

    The Kanger TopBox Mini TC 75W Mod operates between 7 and 75 watts with temperature control as well and a vivid screen. Set your TC value to a maximum of 300C or 600F. The lowest resistance a TopBox supports is 0.1 ohm which you can easily achieve using the RBA and a Nickel 200 coil in one of four modes: Nickel, Titanium, stainless steel, or Ni-Chrome.

    You will need one 18650, high-drain battery which is removable through a magnetic door but also rechargeable in place using a USB port. Your device won’t suffer short-circuit, voltage extremes, or reverse-battery malfunction.

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  • Kanger Nebox

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    The Kanger Nebox All-in-One

    It’s a disadvantage as far as some vapers are concerned that vaping systems usually require a two-part setup. There’s the device to buy plus a tank, unless you order a starter kit with all compatible items in the package.

    Ultimately, this is no big deal for most vapers, but they do have to think a little bit about compatibility.

    • Is the vapor tank 510-threaded (which it usually is)?
    • Is there any corrosion in the threading, possibly before you even bring the device home (perhaps when an item has been sitting around in a warehouse for too long)?
    • Could the coil head be incompatible with your vaporizer output?
    • Is there an RBA head available for the tank you are buying?
    • Do the tank and vaporizer look good together?

    The whole setup becomes bigger when you start putting parts together. You can eliminate all of these considerations by purchasing an all-in-one vaporizer.

    Are There Many Choices?

    There aren’t too many of these devices but Kanger has added another to the list: meet the Kanger Nebox. It’s got ergonomically rounded sides for comfort in the hand. There are those familiar-looking buttons from the Subox: two small and one large. Kanger has opted for what appears to be ceramic coating, which is kind of glossy but not metallic, and available in several colors including baby blue.

    Kanger Nebox vs. Joyetech eGrip

    Let’s peer more deeply into this sleek-looking Kanger device which is designed to rival JoyeTech’s eGrip, now in OLED-CL format with a 5W to 30W variation, variable voltage mode, and a beautiful screen. The mouthpiece is a lot longer on JoyeTech’s device than the little one Kanger’s unit sports.

    The power button for Joye’s version is surrounded by a knurled wattage adjustment ring so there is only a single switch above the screen. View e juice through a narrow window using the eGrip. There’s a logo centrally located on one face of the Nebox providing an unusual window to your juice.

    The Nebox provides temperature control which is not available from the eGrip. JoyeTech’s model provides half as much output as the 60W Nebox and only 3.6 ml versus 10 ml with Kanger’s one-piece unit. Mind you, JoyeTech’s device is consequently smaller than Kanger’s and it comes in more colors too.

    Features of the Nebox

    What else does Kanger have up their sleeve? For one thing, the coil system in your atomizer is removable. There is even the choice of using an RBA system or pre-built coils: whichever is most convenient for you. Their atomizer coils are made with organic cotton and provides a minimum resistance of 0.15 ohms if you operate the TC system.

    With a Nebox you don’t have to remove the battery. This is replenished from a USB source using the port situated beneath your output adjustment buttons. A single battery can also be removed if you want to change batteries and go wireless at all times. There’s a screw cap at the base.

    It wouldn’t be right not to mention the glorious screen which is among the clearest of its kind. Set into an oval shape, it represents digits in a square, easily readable font including a maximum 600F temperature, the battery’s charge state, watts, and ohms.

    Purchase the Product

    Kanger’s Nebox is sold by lots of the company’s American retailers both online and in-store. The price is about $60-70, which is amazing considering you don’t have to buy a tank. Put Kanger’s reputation to the test and find out if all the great reviews you’ve been reading are true.