• Aspire Cleito Tank

    Aspire’s latest tank is another sub ohm beauty; an elegant and interesting addition to their existing line of customer-preferred vaping accessories, until you add Cleito accessories: then this turns into a potentially garish experience. Cleito is named for Poseidon’s mortal wife, thus continuing the mythological associations Aspire makes when naming their products (Atlantis, Nautilus, Pegasus, etc.)

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    Aspire Cleito Tank

    This top-fill tank adds yet another atomizer option when you create your variable watt system. Fill from the top to save yourself the trouble and mess of removing the atomizer from your mod to add more e juice or leaving little e juice drips when you do that. Small grooves in the top cap supply grip.

    New Atomizer Design

    The atomizer design for Aspire’s Cleito Sub Ohm Tank takes the place of chimney styles. This new variety of coil is set to make the most of airflow.

    Aspire has always been at the forefront when it comes to coil design. Their BVC (Bottom Vertical) coils inspired many imitators. Who knows what will come of their newest Clapton coils from Aspire? An RTA Kit is next on Aspire’s sub ohm agenda, so watch for that. With the RTA kit, you can easily adapt the Cleito to operate with 100W and even 200W devices like the Fuchai 200W (Sigelei) and VOX 100W (VaporFi).

    Design and Build

    Aspire Cleito Tanks

    The Cleito’s top and bottom caps are constructed from 304 stainless steel. The tube, however, is made from glass. It’s the classic combo. At the top, a Delrin-insulated wide-bore tip keeps vapor from burning your mouth. This is a 510 tip; replaceable if you prefer a different shape or material from the solid black top that takes something away from the rest of Aspire’s otherwise classy design.

    Adjustable airflow contributes to the better flavor and more intense experience of the new coil build, potentially producing more vapor than you have ever experienced.

    Cleito Cuffs: Accessorize for the Day

    Aspire offers 4 colors for Cleito cuffs like selections of shoes and handbags. This is their heat dissipation accessory carried in black, blue, yellow, and red. You add one of these to the top cap as an optional extra in order to get rid of excess heat but not flavor.

    It’s also possible to vape without this rubbery-looking item. Cuffs give your tank childish vibrancy, but they detract somewhat from the classy profile of an Aspire Cleito sans-cuff. They’re visually unique, that’s for sure, but don’t seem to fit with Aspire’s image in the high-class tank market.

    Specifications: The Numbers

    All of this information boils down to a series of dimensions and measurements. The tank measures 2 ΒΌ inches long wit the tip. It is 22 mm wide: compact and suitable for most box mods, even the truly slender ones like an iStick 40W, not to mention all small (18650) mechanical and regulated tube mods. The tank is mid-sized at 3.5 ml. When you buy a kit, it comes with two Cleito Clapton coil heads and a set of colored cuffs (all four). The insulated drip tip is also included. You should be able to buy one for around $20.

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