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  • Joyetech Delta II

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    When you buy a mod and there is no automatic choice for a matching atomizer tank, compare the wattage range or the range you are likely to operate in with available tanks made by companies you can trust. If your mod goes up to about 50 watts, the Joyetech Delta II is a good match.

    Sub Ohm Clearomizer for Mods

    The Delta II covered tank looks very different from the usual offering because most of them are open and transparent. Joyetech covers their reinforced glass tube with stainless steel leaving vertical windows so you can see into the tank but the glass is protected. This also leaves a stylized and serious impression. If any tank says “don’t mess with me,” this is it.

    LVC Coil System

    The Liquid Valve Control system allows the Delta II to stand apart from the rest. It is designed to let you control how much e juice gets to the coil, something you will want to adjust depending on how much vegetable glycerin is in the mixture and the wattage setting on your mod. You can also adjust your airflow.

    Joyetech Delta II Tank

    RBA Option

    While coils are replaceable with pre-built options, the Delta II can also be utilized with an RBA. Build your own coils for mid-watt output and even set yourself up with a temperature control device, perhaps the eVic VT. If you own an eGo One Mega V2 set and you like to have two tanks on the go for two types of e juice, consider this as your spare to the eGo One Mega atomizer tank.

    Build Size and Shape

    With a tall narrow drip tip, covered format, and those vertical windows in the tank, the Delta II looks even taller than it already is. Measuring 70.5 x 22 mm, the device is not designed for stealth, yet it only holds 3.5 ml of e juice. The drip tip measures 10 x 17 mm. Remove the base to refill e juice.

    In the Kit

    Your Delta II comes with a lot of parts. You receive two LVC 0.5-ohm coils, a Pyrex glass tank plus the steel tube, and a mouthpiece.