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  • Flawless E Juice

    One thing is certain about Flawless: they are seriously patriotic. Their labeling leaves you in no doubt which country they come from and how the people at Flawless feel about the United States. This is good news too because the industry is flooded with products from overseas. Someone had to dig their heels in and defend the American vaping way. Flawless does that impeccably with their mod designs and top-shelf e juice.

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    Quality Counts

    Since the company aims to defend their patriotic right to vape and tout their superior quality, you can expect to enjoy a top class experience when you buy their products. That includes liquids like Hot Mess, Aftermath, and Game Over. These e liquids take you deep into the world of the new US vaping iconography.

    Hot Mess by Flawless E-Juice

    What is more American than a Latin type of treat you can only buy at a food cart in the city or at Disneyland? Okay, apple pie is the traditional answer but times change. Today the top answer could be “a churro.” Hot Mess tastes and smells just like one of those warm baked beauties: crunchy with sugar on the exterior and soft in the middle. Flawless added a dollop of vanilla ice cream. Maybe on some inhalations or exhalations the sugar tops your ice cream, and perhaps there are times when you can imagine warm baked goodness turning into a gooey, decadent vanilla mess you just love. Hot Mess features 80% vegetable glycerin (VG) and 20% propylene glycol (PG).

    Game Over by Flawless E-Juice

    Here is another taste sensation that is sweeping the vaping nation: cereal e liquids. Since breakfast cereal is to food what video games are to visual arts, it’s no wonder the two are associated. I mean if “Game Over” doesn’t make you think of arcade games then what does? And it’s a cereal vape to boot; fruity rings plus vanilla bean-flavored ice cream. This is sweet and creamy stuff, suitable for the cloud chaser in your family who grew up with Pac Man, Mario Brothers, and sugary cereal for breakfast. There is that 80/20 ratio again.

    Aftermath by Flawless E-Juice

    Aftermath is the latest flavor by Flawless who clearly takes its time over the creation of e juice. They don’t seem to be in a rush. Aftermath combines blueberries with glazed donuts and vanilla bean ice cream. The result is kind of creamy; a little toothsome; and also fruity, but only slightly. Cream and sugar surely overpower the freshness of blueberries in a donut-shop combo like this one. There’s another slice of Americana for you: cholesterol topped with sugar and dairy. It’s a good thing vapor juice is calorie-free.

    Buying Flawless E Juice

    Flawless liquids feature from zero nicotine up to 6 mg: moderate, as you come to expect from thick e juice. They cost about $25 for 60 ml which is truly affordable and also good for sharing if that’s an extension of patriotic expression for you.

    The 80/20 Ratio

    What’s with this high-VG blend? Didn’t e juices use to contain more PG than this? Where have you been for the last 12 months? Now it’s all the rage to load up on vegetable glycerin. Even after the vaping community proved decisively that PG-phobic consumers were being silly because they eat and inhale propylene glycol all the time at clubs, in medicine, and in food, they realized that VG has its benefits.

    For one thing, it’s easier to find organic sources. Secondly, there are a lot of people who don’t buy the argument that PG is safe. Thirdly, vegetable glycerin is thicker than propylene glycol, so it makes thicker clouds when you vape it. Since cloud chasing is so popular these days, it’s no wonder VG-rich e juices have also caught the public’s imagination.

    Customer Response

    Consumers love Flawless. It’s one of the nation’s top e juices for several reasons. One is that they don’t try to cover all potential flavor bases by making styles for everyone. Second is that prices are amazing if you don’t mind buying bulk-sized bottles. Third is that American-flag label. Fourth is quality. I could go on: Flawless is doing a marvelous job.

    If you like what you see and taste, consider buying their hardware too. Flawless makes some interesting devices and accessories. Their cerakoted mods and matching caps feature a paint-splatter design in numerous possible colors. They are insulated with Delrin, use an 18650 battery, measure 24 mm wide, and contain copper contacts to maximize electrical conductivity between the button and atomizer. Each one is made — not merely designed — in the United States.