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  • Lost Vape EFusion DNA 200

    If you thought Hana Modz vaporizers came in a lot of bright shades, you have never been introduced to the full range of colors at Lost Vape. Their EFusion DNA 200 continues a company trend in offering multiple colors and some limited edition patterns too. As when you buy a car, this feature is not as important as efficiency and safety, but customers still like to know they don’t have just two options: blue and silver.

    On the Inside of a Lost Vape EFusion DNA 200

    It’s what is on the inside that counts and Lost Vape’s 200W box mod has a lot going for it.

    Lost Vape EFusion DNA 200 Mods

    You could call this the supermodel that also has a great personality. Their choice of a DNA 200 says a lot about Lost Vape’s character. Firstly, the company is concerned for their customers’ safety. Secondly, they are patriotic. Thirdly, quality workmanship is important to Lost Vape and vendors regard this as one of the highest-quality box mods in its class.

    The Evolv DNA 200 PCB came out a little earlier this year to offer a huge leap in safety and power. While a Yihi from China is great, the Evolv has a longer and more substantial pedigree. Their PCB controls the screen, limits temperature, preheats your mod, and senses resistance. It knows when the coil in your atomizer is temperature-sensitive and when it is not, allowing your mod to reach 0.1 ohms or 0.2 ohms using pure nickel or Kanthal respectively.

    The temperature range is 200F to 600F. If you don’t abuse the box, it won’t let you get burned. Evolv’s PCB monitors your battery, ensuring balance between cells and checking in on each cell individually. Lost Vape’s mod uses a 1300-mAh cell.

    Pretty Tough Box

    The Lost Vape EFusion DNA 200 is made from aircraft-grade 6061 T6 Aluminum. This is tough stuff able to withstand knocks, being dropped, and everyday abuse. It comes in gold, copper, sapphire, blue, aqua, silver, black, green, and purple. Those are some fancy shades, almost enough for a rainbow and the standard seen with Lost Vape’s ESquare vaporizer. The EFusion was polished and anodized, so it is shiny but strong.

    Battery Connector Compatibility

    The EFusion is fitted with a highly compatible XT30 battery connector. This allows the user to choose from various brands of batteries. Unscrew the back of your box to release 3 cells and recharge them or charge batteries using a pre-installed USB port. This lets you vape and charge at the same time. Charging is carefully balanced, once again thanks to the Evolv DNA 200 control chip.

    Little Box, Big Ideas

    You have already seen what the EFusion is capable of, so its size might surprise you. The Lost Vape EFusion is just 3.35 inches long. Its dimensions are roughly equivalent to that of a box-shaped lighter such as a Zippo. You could close your hand around it easily. Atomizers come in various lengths, though, and your entire profile will be much longer.

    The 510 stainless steel connection thread will not rust, so attaching atomizers and removing them should be a smooth process. With so many top-fill types of RTAs plus RDAs, you might not have to remove an atomizer until the coil requires replacing, but this action should remain smooth, thanks to quality threading. With spring-loaded connection, most atomizers should feel at home.

    Expect to pay around $180 from an online vendor for the Lost Vape EFusion if you can find one in stock, and watch for those limited edition patterns.